Introducing our newest program, PRO SERIES.  With this program you will enjoy all the features of INDEXALYZER with some added bonuses.  You will be issued a PRO SERIES membership number to use if you want to obtain reports in addition to your INDEXALYZER carrier reports.  These reports are the same reports you can order from your FMO, if your FMO is one of our partnership FMO’s.  So if you do use one of our partnership FMO’s, you now will have two sources to run reports for you.  You will receive a Report Request form that will outline the various reports available for you.  You will also have the option to submit your agency logo to us so we can brand every report to you.  In addition to all that, you will be enrolled in two lead generation marketing programs outlined below.

The other benefit you will receive is membership in our INFINITY Fixed Indexed Annuity Selling System.  This is a lead generation system that brings together 3 of the most powerful FIA marketing concepts: REFERRALS, CLIENT APPRECIATION & WORKSHOPS.  This selling system is unique because there is NO upfront marketing cost for each of your events!  You will actually be in control of the cost of each event and only ever pay to either reward your existing clients, or for a qualified referral.  To learn more click here.

The last benefit you will receive is membership in our EVOLUTION Fixed Indexed Annuity Marketing Program.  With this program you will have the tools to tap into, what we believe, is the next big marketing bubble in the FIA industry.  For over 25 years people have been purchasing Fixed Indexed Annuities.  As you know, these products are safe products to own do to the Guaranteed Minimum rates.  People do not pay attention to them as they should and there is a strong possibility that their original agents is not servicing them as they should.  With EVOLUTION you will receive a branded landing page on  You will submit a scripted video to attach to this page and it will have a contact form set to your email.  You can use this landing page in many different marketing campaigns such as postcards, e-mail blasts, and social media.  You will have the power to unlock potential sales with the “Chart Reports” that can be generated from INDEXALYZER.  These reports will allow you to chart the performance history on the potential clients existing product and then compare it to any of the new products on the market today.  To learn more click here.

The Monthly Subscription Cost For PRO SERIES is: $99.99