What are three of the most successful marketing campaigns known to the FIA sales industry?  We believe they are:


The INFINITY Fixed Index Annuity Selling System takes all three of these campaigns and wraps them into one system!  With this system you will be able to:

  • Have no upfront blind marketing expense
  • Average 16 new prospects (8 buying units) per month
      • Each prospect is a REFERRAL
  • Give back to your best existing clients
  • Only pay for leads that show up to your events
      • Again, each lead will be a REFERRAL
  • Control the cost of each event
      • Successful events will equate to an average of $100/lead
  • Reach prospects that have a high probability of having money
  • Run a marketing campaign that will never end


You will invite 4 of your best clients out for an evening of free food and a short presentation.  You will ask them to be “Table Hosts”.  Table hosting is a highly successful tactic many charity events use to fill their rooms.  The goal is for your existing clients to bring two couples with them.  This will allow your workshop to have up to 24 attendees, 8 existing clients, and 16 referral prospects.  You will conduct a short presentation that we will provide to you, as well as handouts.  Both the presentation and the handouts will be updated monthly with performance data from INDEXALYZER.  You will conduct the short presentation and then serve dinner and dessert.  We will instruct you on how to work the room after your presentation.  There are two key factors that many agents miss when they conduct marketing workshops.  First, they talk too long!  Remember, most of the attendees will be 50+ in age.  They are not at an age where they can pay attention for long periods of time.  They also will only retain about 5% of what you say.  That 5% is what we focus on with our presentations.  We need to give them one “Wow Factor” that will stick in their memory.  The second factor is that they do not go for the initial appointment at the workshop.  This is a classic mistake!  The main reason most agents fail at this is because of the first factor, they talked too long and people are ready to leave.  We structure the evening so the prospects will have very little desire to leave before they talk to you one-on-one.  Are you picking up on a theme here?  Present to the group less and talk to your attendees one-on-one more!  The last aspect to this program that will help secure your success is your existing clients.  You will not only be using them to bring in your new prospects, but also to be your “cheerleaders” during the entire evening.  Without any direction from you, they will promote you naturally!  There is however a science to acheive this.  We have to give them an opportunity to talk about you without you being there.  We will teach you how to do this!

After you conduct your first workshop, the Infinity factor will kick in.  Out of the 16 prospects, we expect that you will close business with at least 4 of them.  Now it is time to set up you next workshop.  These new clients will now become you new Table Hosts!  You will repeat the process we outlined above with one exception, the presentation.  It would be akward to invite these new clients to a presentation they have already seen.  That is why we have developed a second short presentation for you to conduct at this next workshop.  Then the process will repeat again and you will revert back to the first presentation.  Then you just keep it going and going constantly altering the presentation you conduct.  If you get really good at this, you will also see multiple strands emerge.  You may start with your first 4 clients, but you can always start again with 4 other existing clients.  You may also close more than 50% from a given workshop, so you can branch off two strands from one workshop.  You also could mix together new clients from different workshops to start new strands. (Be careful not to mix clients that originally attended different presentations)  Remember, the main advantage to this program is the fact that each prospect is a referral from your clients.  You already know that your clients have money and most likely they know other people with money!


  • FIA Growth Presentation Power Point (Updated monthly with INDEXALYZER performance changes)
  • FIA Growth Presentation Handouts (Updated monthly with INDEXALYZER performance changes)
  • FIA Income Presentation Power Point (Updated monthly with INDEXALYZER performance changes)
  • FIA Income Presentation Handouts (Updated monthly with INDEXALYZER performance changes)
  • Client Tracking System
  • Downloadable PDF Invitations for the Table Hosts
  • Downloadable PDF Invitations for the Prospects
  • Instructional Video


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