Take a look at this estimated chart: (Download Chart PDF)

What this chart estimates is the number of Indices used inside Fixed Indexed Annuities since their inception in 1994.  The industry has come a long way since then.  It has changed and adapted to the very high demand of American savers.  Do to the hard work and innovation of all the Insurance Carriers that offer these products, we have seen a true evolution that has brought us to where we are today.  Many agents look at the number of Indices offered today as a frustration because the products are becoming more and more complex.  I challenge you to look at this evolution not as a negative, but a positive that could yield millions of new sales.

This program offers you the opportunity to tap into, what we believe, is the next enormous FIA marketing bubble.  Look at this next chart of a study done by the Index Compendium located on the NAFA website: (Download Chart PDF)

What this chart represents is the fact that there have been billions of dollars deposited into FIA’s for many years.  Many of these products are still owned and possibly not being serviced.  When you mix together the massive number of policies that may be out of surrender with the evolution of our products today, this creates a perfect storm of opportunity!  Most likely, these products that are currently owned only have a few options and Indices available.  What if you could show these clients what is available today?

With one of the reports we can generate for you out of INDEXALZYER, we can actually do a performance comparison to show these clients what they currently own and what is available today.  Below is an example of one of these reports.  We took a very common product design from the past and compared it to crediting methods that are available today.  Take a look:

As you can see, the new products don’t just win by a small margin, they win massively!  How could you change the course of many American retirees by adding more potential growth to their fixed portfolio?  That is what this program can put you into the position to do.  All you need to do is find these people and obtain their most recent annual statement.  We can run this report specific to their existing product and compare it to any product you desire.  Below is what you will receive with this program and how it works.


  • Personal, branded landing page on www.indexedannuityperformance.com
    • Information about you and your firm
    • Education material about the evolution of FIA products
    • Current Product Performance Examples
    • Ability to complete a contact form linked to your e-mail to request an appointment
    • Ability to request a free performance report on their current product that we will run for you
  • Script to use to produce a video for the landing page
  • INDEXALYZER PRO SERIES Membership Number to use to have the necessary reports generated
  • Postcard, E-mail, and Social Media marketing materials (See Post Card Examples)


We set up the landing page and maintain it.  You can use this page for your Postcard, E-mail, and/or Social Media marketing campaigns.  We will supply you with some examples of content for these campaigns, or you can create your own.  The maintenance of the site includes monthly updates to the performance section.  When your potential clients visit your site they will be educated on how the FIA industry has evolved as well as some of the basic features about their existing product like the simple fact that they can make changes to their allocations.  The key option is that they can order a free performance report on their existing product.

Every successful marketing program needs to have two aspects.

  1. It needs to secure getting you in the door of the prospect.
  2. It needs to secure getting you the second, or “Go Back” appointment.

This program accomplishes this with the Free Report offer.  When they request the free report you have to be able to see their most recent statement to aquire the information on their current Cap, Spread, Trigger and Par rates.  To do this you have to go see them!  Then after you submit the product data to us to generate the report, you have to set up a time to personally bring the report back to them so you can be there to explain it and answer any questions they may have.  Bingo!  You got in the door, and you secured the “Go Back”.  When we send you the clients performance report, we will generate one with only their product on it.  Then we will generate another one comparing it to the current product you want to show.  From this point it is up to you and your closing abilities.


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