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We back-test every known Index Crediting Method that exists in FIA products today and compile that data into easy to use software tools.

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Have the knowledge to accurately assist a client in determining where to allocate their index product.

Analyze existing products and create a re-allocation plan, or even a new sale possibility.

Get a different look by learning how the numbers work! This is a great tool to help professional as well as clients learn.

Compare your favorite Fixed Indexed Annuity allocation strategy to the current top MYGA, bond and CD rates.

Pull historical return charts on the index only and compare to the average of all indices used in products today.

Compare historical returns based on an allocation strategies and not individual crediting methods. COMING SOON

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We have created a process called Retro Pricing, which shows ACTUAL returns on indexed annuities by going to the beginning of the back-test period, calculating what the rates were, and then moving forward.


We have a program that will walk through the numbers to show you exactly how indexed annuities work. Show your clients what to expect year after year in owning an indexed annuity.

Point of-Sale

Allocations are TOUGH. That’s why we have developed a software that will show you allocation examples based on historical returns using Retro Pricing. We strive to make allocations the easiest part of the application process.

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