Monthly Reports

Your complete resource for Fixed Indexed Annuity crediting method performance.

FIA Carrier Reports

This monthly report will give you a complete list of products offered by each of the Fixed Indexed Annuity carriers.

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Additional Reports

You can also order additional reports from your FMO. These reports include Top 25 lists, index comparisons, allocation stratagies and so much more.

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Our Methods

We back-test every known Index Crediting Method that exists in FIA and IUL products today and compile that data into easy to use reports. We use a 10 year time frame for all our back-testing to create a congruent method of analyzing products. If an index does not have enough history and there is no method of back-testing from the index itself, the index will be omitted from the reports. We update our reports monthly utilizing the closing price data and the current carrier rate levels from the first business day of each month.

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