Determining when a good time to select or buy a certain Index is one of the most perplexing decisions an agent has to make in this industry.  The first question you have to ask yourself is what philosophy do you run your practice by when it comes to Indexed Products?  Do you like to set up an allocation strategy and let it ride out the entire term of the product (Buy & Hold), or do you plan on doing annual reviews with your client and making changes as when the data suggests it (Buy & Review)?  This report should only be used if you operate with the “Buy & Hold” philosophy.  It will do a historical analysis of the Index’s Volatility and produce a buying recommendation.  Volatility is the one factor that will cause a carrier to adjust their rates that is different from all the other indices.

Call your FMO and request this report.  You will need to tell them what product you want so they will know which indices to run the reports for.

Below are some examples of this report:Click Image To Download PDF

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