Designed to educate the consumer on using Indexed Universal Life (IUL) as a retirement strategy, the My New Retirement platform combines prospecting tools, business management tools and the incredible IUL Analyzer which creates a visually compelling interactive presentation that lays out the superior benefits of the IUL strategy in an irrefutable way.

SPENDiD is a fintech solutions company focused on capturing the power of “crowd-wisdom” regarding proven spending and saving behaviors of consumers at all stages of life.  SPENDiD, at its core, is a highly complex business intelligence tool offered as a simple REST API. We offer dynamic “Peer Comparison Intelligence,” the missing piece in the financial awareness puzzle. Our data speaks a hidden language, one that unlocks a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and paves the way for a more financially empowered future.

The Index Standard® provides actionable insights. Whether you are searching for the best performing indices, ETFs or annuities, looking for index and ETF forecasts, or trying to learn about investment trends such as growth, dividend or ESG, we provide you with an unbiased perspective, objective comparisons, as well as informative guides that demystify complex index concepts.

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