Welcome Oxbow Marketing Company Agent!

Welcome to INDEXALYZER!  Brought to you by Oxbow Marketing Company.  If you are already one of our valued agents we first want to thank you for your business and continued support of our firm.  Our partnership with this website is just one example of the many value added services we want to continually provide you.  If you are considering working with us for the first time, we hope that you will discover the level of dedication we have to our agents by providing them with the best tools and programs in the industry.  This website will give you access to historical performance data on the Fixed Indexed Annuity products you can offer through our firm.  The next time you meet with a client to take an application, these reports will take the mystery out of the allocation process.  You will now be able to show your clients an accurate look at the past to help them determine the best path they can take to enhance their growth potential.

Remember to enter the code: CMG7575 when you are prompted!  This code will give you a 50% discount off the monthly subscription to this website.  Your cost will only be $25.00 per month.  Your subscription level will be the highest level offered by INDEXALYZER.  This means you will have an unlimited download capacity each month.  You can download reports for the cases you are working on now, or for cases you sold in the past to help those clients re-allocate to better options.  You can also use your unlimited status to download other reports for competitive intelligence purposes.  These reports will elevate your practice, increase your industry knowledge and ultimately help you close more sales!

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