If you have a client that is ultra conservative and needs income but will not consider an FIA, you now can offer them a MYGA Ladder.  This report will show the purchase of several MYGA’s all with different terms.  It will calculate each term to end with the same account balance which represents their income for the future years (ie… a 3-year surrender MYGA would produce income for year 4).  You can choose when to start income and it will provide income for a maximum of 9 years.  It also works like a “Split Annuity” concept where we will use a 10-year MYGA for growth with the goal of attaining a final surrender value that is equal to the initial total premium that is divided between all the products.

Call your FMO and order a MYGA Ladder report.  You will need to give them the state, client’s name and age, when you want to turn on income and which carriers you want to use.  Below is an example:

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