What we mean by “Live Only” refers to the history of the Index.  An Index has a launch date.  We categorize an Index to be “Live Only” if it has a launch date at least 10 years ago.  We do track Indices that have a launch date that is not at least 10 years ago.  We can do this if the Index is a “Rules-Based” Index, meaning the management of the components inside the Index are based upon, and strictly followed, by these rules.  There is no human interference.  The Index Providers will run historical back-tests that include applying these rules prior to the Index’s launch date.

If you have a client that only wants to have Indices in his/her Fixed Indexed Annuity that are truly “Live Only”, you can order a list from your FMO showing this.  We signal an Index that does not have a launch date at least 10 years ago by placing an asterisk next to the Index on our lists.  A “Live Only” lest will not have any asterisks.

Call your FMO and ask them to run a “Live Only” list.  You will have to give them all the other sort options such as: State, Carriers, Products, Term, Reset Periods etc..

Below is an example of a “Live Only” list:

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