FMO Generated Additional Reports

These are some examples of reports you can order from your FMO.  Click the name of the report to download the example.  You can then contact your FMO and order a customized version of the report you desire.  If your FMO is not currently working with us, contact us directly so we can get you the reports you desire or to get your FMO on board.


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TOP 25

This report can be ordered in so many different ways.  Some examples would be to show a Top 25 that:

  • List only products approved in my state
  • List only products from certain AMBest ratings
  • List only products for certain age limits
  • List only products with bonuses
  • Lists only products that do not have fees

There are thousands of different combinations you can have your FMO create.  Simply call your FMO and tell them how you would like your report generated.

Compare Charts

These reports can also be generated in many different ways.  You can show a specific product vs the actual market.  You can show any FIA from the past vs products that are new today.  You can compare just the index performance.  You can also use this section to have your FMO run an IUL allocation report.

Allocation Strategy

It is no secret that utilizing two-year-reset crediting options produces greater returns.  The draw back is that you will have zero gain every other year.  To have your client in a position to have two-year-reset crediting without the zero years, you can utilize this strategy.  This is a common strategy, but until now, know one has been able to illustrate it.