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With your subscription, you can access Top 140 Reports for every state by clicking the link below.  These reports are generic in the way they are set up.  They may include products you are not contracted to sell.  The idea is to give you an example of what your FMO can generate for you.  You can order reports like these with thousands of different sorting criteria.

Check out our amazing Charts for every Index that show how the Index did over the last 10 years from the current month we are in now.  We also show how each Index did compared to the Average of every Index that INDEXALZYER tracks (over 100 of them).

We now offer an update on MYGA rates.  MYGA rates are important to track for Indexed product because they are usually the next highest performing product in the fixed product category.

Use our Calculators section to get detailed information on crediting strategies and create reports for your review appointments.