Your FMO can generate many different lists for you. You can use any combination of the following criteria to order the precise sorting that you desire:

  • State (Only one state at a time)
  • Carriers (Select your specific, or see all and omit who you do not want)
  • Products (Any number of specific products)
  • Indices (One at a time, or show all)
  • AM Best Rating (Select a minimum)
  • 10/10/10 (For Registered Reps)
  • Reset Period (Annual, Biennial, Triennial, Quinquennial, Septennial, or any combination)
  • Client Age
  • MVA or No MVA
  • Minimum Free Withdrawal (5%, 7% or 10%)
  • Waive Surrender Charge for RMD
  • Premium Type (Flexible 1st Yr, Flexible All Years, Single)
  • Product Term Lengths (3yr – 16yr, any combination)
  • Number of Crediting Methods to show (Top 1 – Top 50 and number in between)

Your can also ask your marketer to give the report a specific name.

See Examples Below

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