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Barclays indices, and associated carriers:

  • Barclays Agility Shield (GBU)
  • Barclays Armour II (*Global Atlantic)
  • Barclays Atlas 5 (SILAC)
  • Barclays Focus 50 (Equitrust)
  • Barclays Fortune 500 12% (GBU)
  • Barclays Global MA (John Hancock)
  • Barclays Global Quality (United Life)
  • Barclays Low Vol 5 (*LSW)
  • Barclays Shiller CAPE (*Athene Annexus)
  • Barclays Shiller CAPE Allocator 6 (Athene, Athene Annexus)
  • Barclays Shiller Global (Athene Annexus)
  • Barclays Trailblazer (F&G, Securian)
  • Barclays Transitions 12% (North American Annexus)
  • Barclays Transitions 6% (North American Annexus)
  • Barclays US Tech 12% (GBU, GCU)
  • Barclays Zorya (GCU)
  • First Trust Capital Strength Barclays 10% (Delaware Life)
  • First Trust Capital Strength Barclays 5% (Delaware Life)

*For review only. Not currently in a product but has been in the past.

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